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About Us

Meet Jenny, the Visionary behind Simple Desk

Simple Desk was a big dream I had as a single mom who knew she wanted more for herself than the typical 9-5. I started out small, helping a few of my entrepreneur friends with their businesses, and quickly realized that with hard work and determination, that I could really make this dream a reality!

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. I’ve had my own ups and downs, and there were times where I wasn’t always sure if I could make it. But here we are 5 years later with a growing business and a dynamic team of experts behind me. What I enjoy most about my role as Founder of Simple Desk is witnessing the incredible impact our work has had on entrepreneurs and their business growth. To be able to help them determine what they need to grow, and to be able to share our skills in support of that happening, is simply incredible!

Fun facts about Jenny:
•Jenny has a passion and zest for learning…there is nothing that she won’t try
•She loves to network, but isn’t a fan of public speaking
•She has a killer golf swing, and invites anybody to challenge her at the range

Having spent most of my life in accounting, administration and customer service, I knew I had the skills and expertise to help. I wanted to find a way to make their life easier and more efficient so they could get back to why they started the business in the first place. Passion, drive and success are all goals I strive to help my clients achieve. I take great joy in helping others succeed. When it comes to my clients, their success is my business.


Meet The Team

Supporting you in meeting all your business growth goals is at the core of all we do. Each of our team members brings years of experience in helping entrepreneurs with marketing, graphic design, & business operations to improve and grow their businesses. We are eager to hear about all your business needs and can’t wait to welcome you to the Simple Desk family!

Theresa Gannon

Head of Marketing

With 8+ years of marketing experience in various industries, Theresa’s passion and drive for pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing concepts has helped her clients see success. Her area of expertise is marketing strategy and implementing the processes necessary for business growth. Theresa is well known for the care and dedication she shows our clients. On her down time, Theresa enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband and supporting local businesses!

Amanda Fraser

Operations Manager

With a diverse background in Business Administration, Amanda is well positioned to assist clients with any task. As affable and flexible as a warm summer breeze, Amanda handles adversity and challenges with determination and vigor. Her attention to detail and positive attitude allow her to find creative solutions to complex problems. An avid cyclist and kid wrangler extraordinaire, Amanda knows the importance of pairing a healthy body and mind in order to tackle the day’s challenges.​

Maddie Smith

Graphic Designer

Maddie studied Graphic Design at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. Her favourite parts of Design are creating brand identities and working with clients to make their ideas come to life! She is passionate about using her skills to help others and explore ways of solving problems with design. In her free time, she enjoys party planning and hosting, going on hikes, trying out new recipes and taking care of all her plant babies.


business support specialists

Chloe Eisenstadt

Junior Business Support Specialist

Chloe likes to be challenged and aims to learn something new every day. She will take on any opportunity to be creative and enjoys working with people. Some of her favourite things to do in her free time include, making art, listening to music and keeping up with her growing plant collection. Chloe is enrolled at Centennial College to pursue Graphic Design online this coming fall, with the goal of developing new skills while working at Simple Desk!

We Believe in...

Transparency and communication are key, not only with our clients and their business growth, but within our team. We ensure to clearly describe every step we take together so that all parties involved feel empowered and excited for what’s next.

Creating a positive workspace that encourages growth and continued learning is the key to our success. We believe that all employees should have the opportunity to nurture and expand their skills in a positive, healthy work environment.

Small/medium businesses are the backbone to our community. Not only have we supported many of the local businesses in the Quinte West area, but we have also provided free educational webinars and resources for our local businesses on a variety of key business related topics.


Our team is heavily involved in giving back to our local nonprofit organizations, whether that is raising funds or volunteering our time. Some organizations we support are: The Grace Inn Shelter, CVNQuinte, Community Living Quinte West, and Habitat for Humanity.

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Submit the form and check your email for your free download! Check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

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Submit the form and check your email for your free download! Check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.