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The Face Behind the Desk


 I’m Jenny, owner and creator of Simple Desk, a multi-faceted and highly specialized small business support company.

I created Simple Desk after years of seeing my fellow entrepreneurs struggle with the administrative and marketing side of their business as well as juggling their never-ending to-do list, day to day family responsibilities, a social life and time for themselves. Being a single mom myself, working full-time days, working a second job at night as well as many social and household commitments, I could understand how they felt.

Having spent most of my life in accounting, administration and customer service, I knew I had the skills and expertise to help. I wanted to find a way to make their life easier and more efficient so they could get back to why they started the business in the first place. Passion, drive, and success are all goals I strive to help my clients achieve.

I take great joy in helping others succeed. When it comes to my clients, their success is my business.

When I am not at my desk, you can usually find me spending quality time with my daughter, wandering in the woods with my one or all of my lady tribe, volunteering for worthy causes, driving around practicing for my new career in country music or fueling my 4 cup a day coffee habit.

Welcome to Simple Desk!

What sets us apart!

Our Approach



We consult time-challenged business owners on how to make their business more efficient, save time, stress  less and ultimately become more productive and profitable. We are in a unique position to help our clients because we have faced the same struggle of not having enough time and feeling held back from true success. Our services can help just about any entrepreneur build their business, giving them the time they need to grow their businesses, explore new endeavours and take time off, knowing their businesses will continue to prosper in their absence.

Why Us?



People use our services to save time and money. What we do depends on  our clients, for example we might do online research for one client, set up social media pages for another, manage client files for one or do a combination of things based on what the client needs and when they need it. Our clients love that they don’t have to take on an employee and they only pay us for the  tasks they need us for.

We provide both one-time services, and ongoing support in social media, customer support, bookkeeping and administration  to small businesses, sole proprietors and consultants so they can focus on their core business. They outsource their necessary but time-consuming tasks to us. 

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