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Increasing Productivity in your Business

When we think about increasing our productivity, we can often get wrapped up in the “do more at all costs” mentality. Let’s take a step back and examine some ways to achieve high productivity AND a sense of ease in your work day.

Set Goals

Goal setting is super important if you want to move forward and know that you are on the right track.  As we all know, time will move on without us, so we have to be intentional with how we spend our time.  Setting goals for the day, week, month, year, along with our long-term goals can help us stay focused on the pieces that matter.  Ensure your goals are realistic and allow for a good balance of “in the zone” time and down time.  Consider setting goals for how you are going to rest and recharge so that you can find a sense of ease and sustain your high productivity.

Use the Right Tech

Technology these days is quite powerful and can do so many things, but you have to make sure you are using the right tech for your specific needs.  Keep it simple where you can and intentionally choose the technology that is going to simplify the process.  If you carry a load of details in your mind, consider using a task management app to keep track of to-dos, and fully use your calendar to stay on top of important events and deadlines.  Emails and texting can certainly be handy, but sometimes it’s more efficient to pick up the phone and just call. Using the right technology to fill the gaps you are experiencing can help increase your productivity and help you to relax, knowing it’s all taken care (or at least written down!)

Host Efficient Meetings

Meetings are definitely an important part of doing business and they are also time-consuming.  When you schedule a meeting, ensure you have an agenda or notes about what you want to resolve in that meeting.  Only invite the people who need to be there for the meeting.  You can always send out meeting notes to those who may need it or if it can provide some helpful situational awareness.  Hosting efficient meetings will keep everyone focused and will leave enough time for the important tasks on your list!

Stay Organized

Staying organized can be difficult when you have so many things to keep track of. When you look at your email inbox or your folders and files, do you know where everything is?  We can spend a surprising amount of time searching for documents and emails!  Consider simplifying the way you sort and store your emails.  If the email requires action, you should be able to access it right away, but if the email is just for reference or dealt with already, you can file that away completely.  When you store your files, think about where you are likely to look for it in the future.  If you reference this file often, consider ‘starring’ it or have the link readily available in your task management system. Remember you don’t have to micromanage your emails and files, as you can perform a simple search if you need to find it in the future. The trick is to set up a system that works for you and your way of thinking.

Avoid Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking used to be something we would proudly display at the top of our resume, but the truth is, multi-tasking doesn’t exist.  We now refer to this as switch-tasking, and it doesn’t have the same shine and glamour as its predecessor.  Studies have shown that switching tasks requires significant effort, which results in mental and physical fatigue, loss of concentration, and ultimately reduces performance.  Therefore, it is always more beneficial to schedule uninterrupted blocks of time to complete your important tasks.  Consider turning off all notifications when possible.  You can also set aside specific times to read and respond to emails.  Remember, when you are checking your emails, if you can complete and respond in less than 5 mins, then do so straight away.  However, if responding to the email requires more time and attention, consider adding it to your task list and scheduling a time to complete it. When you are focused on the task at hand, you will complete the task sooner and enjoy a better outcome.  Spending your time intentionally in this way, you will notice a greater sense of ease and may be surprised how much you can accomplish!

Stay True to Your Passion

You started a business because you have a passion and unique ability to make it happen.  And as your business grows, you may find that you have more tasks than time, that you are spending your precious time on tasks that you don’t enjoy, or perhaps there’s an area of your business that is starting to struggle.  It might be time to seek outside help.  Think about all the tasks and areas of the business in which you find joy and commit to staying true to your passion.  Consider outsourcing the tasks that aren’t on your joy list – chances are, these tasks are someone else’s true passion. 

If you’re struggling with productivity, you are not alone! by using these 6 productivity tips, you will notice a huge difference. And as always, if you ever need some help, feel free to drop us a line!

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