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Why (and how) you should be building an email list!

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Whether you have an existing email list that requires growth or are looking to get started, chances are you are sorting through a lot of complicated (and some unnecessary) information. When it comes down to it, there are key steps required in order to build and grow your email list. 

First, let’s talk about HOW email marketing helps small businesses.

1. Build credibility/Foster Relationships

This is the most important point for any business. Without a strong relationship with your following, there is no loyalty and therefore no support for your business. Build your credibility by presenting yourself in a strong, professional manner through your emails, but also reach your consumer directly and develop a more personal, intimate relationship than other digital platforms offer. Make sure you are creating content and offers they don’t want to miss out on!

2. Boost Sales

Enough said! Direct email marketing through exclusive offers, discounts and sales to your email following has proven to generate more revenue for businesses.

3. Increase website traffic

Every email should include a call to action that directs consumers to the website. This increases website traffic, which is important in this digital age!

4. Stop Relying on Social Media

Did you know that Facebook algorithms control what your followers do and don’t see? You won’t waste time wondering if that post you put half an hour into will reach your followers: with email, you reach them right in their inbox!

6. Budget/ Time Friendly

Once you’ve created a template, it’s as simple as creating the content and inserting it into the program. Simply select your list and date, and schedule it to go out! Many of the platforms out there are also very affordable.

7. Better Data/Segmenting

All email marketing platforms give you more in-depth data than any other digital avenue out there. Not only can you develop better, more targeted buyer personas to help shape your marketing plans, but you can actually segment your lists based on preferences and needs to make campaigns more effective and drive sales!

8. Preferred method of communication

Many people prefer to be communicated with via email, as they consider social media to be more of a platform where they can connect with their friends and family. Direct email marketing reaches the consumer easily, and they are more likely to open emails from their favourite businesses and brands. People love to support local, so give them something to look forward to in their inbox from their favourite small business!

Now, let’s talk about some foolproof ways that you can grow your email list quickly and without having to spend a lot of money.

Pick a Provider

Sending emails using your business email can come off as unprofessional. There are a variety of providers available that are affordable and offer a multi-tiered approach to email marketing. Some of our favourites are Flodesk, Active Campaign, Constant Contact and MailChimp. Make sure you pick the provider that gives you the most bang for your buck, but also suits your needs as a business. Some email providers also have the option to create landing pages without even having a website, which is our next tip.

Landing Page/Pop-Up Forms

The most effective way to capture the emails of interested parties is using a pop-up or designating a section of your website to email sign-ups. Your service provider may allow for you to create pop-ups on your website using widgets or html codes, or you can edit the website directly depending on the platform you have. Keep the sign-up sheet short and sweet, all you should require is a name and email. You can always gather more information on your subscribers later. 

Pro-tip: Using programs like Google Analytics, you can analyze the data to see where the most effective page on your website is to add a pop-up, and determine for how long a user will be on that page before the pop-up becomes visible.

Promote Via Social Media

Chances are that you have followers on your Facebook and Instagram pages who have yet to sign up for your emails. The best part? You can reach these followers using free organic posts. Create engaging imagery or video that encourages people to sign up, but make sure you link these posts to where they can sign-up. 

You can also buy paid ads, run a contest, add a ‘sign-in’ call to action at the top of your Facebook page, and change the link in your Instagram bio to direct people to your sign-up page. With social media, the possibilities are endless!


While tradeshows are currently on hold, be sure to work them into your business plan when things start rolling again. Add a sign-up sheet to your booth or run a ballot contest that requires an email to enter. Once you get back to your office, you can send out a welcome email confirming their desire to opt-in. This is a great way to grow your business and reach new consumers directly.

Content Marketing

Not only is content marketing a great way to engage your consumers and keep yourself top of mind, but it can also help grow your subscribers list! Create a blog that readers can subscribe to, so that they receive your updates directly in their inbox. It’s also important that you generate content that has value. Whether it be on your social media platforms, your blogs, or your email, you want to be creating content that is valuable to your consumers. Give tidbits of advice on social media and delve deeper in your email marketing. Make your email marketing shareable by your subscribers and encourage them to do so. Good content is shared often, which means your subscribers can actually grow your list for you, just by sharing.

Email Signatures

This is an easy way to increase your email following. Everyone in your office who corresponds via email should edit their email signature to direct interested parties to a sign-up sheet. That means everyone who receives an email from you or your employees will have the opportunity to enjoy your email community.

These are just some of the many ways you can build your email list that have worked for us, and have been hailed by marketers as the most effective and affordable strategies. So give it a try, what do you have to lose?

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Submit the form and check your email for your free download! Check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

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Submit the form and check your email for your free download! Check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

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Submit the form and check your email for your free download! Check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.